LA Noire On Nintendo Switch Gets First Trailer, Plus HTC Vive Spin-off Version Delayed


Rockstar has just released the first trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the critically acclaimed 2011 detective game, LA Noire.

The Switch version will run at a native 1080p when docked and 720p when handheld (no details on any graphical enhancements however). Apart from that, the Switch version will also feature touch controls for your portable investigation sessions as well as gyroscope and HD Rumble support. Watch the trailer below:

For those planning to download the game from the eShop on Switch, bear in mind that LA Noire has a whopping 29 GB file size; even the physical copy requires a mandatory 14 GB download (since Take Two likely used lower capacity cartridges to save costs).

The game releases on November 14 alongside the PS4 & XB1 versions and will come with all DLC. Unfortunately, the HTC Vive version (called LA Noire: The VR Case Files) has been delayed to sometime in December. It’s somewhat different compared to the other console versions as it will feature seven self-contained cases from the original game moulded for VR play.

Are you planning to pick this game up for the platform of your choice?


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