At the IGX 2015, there were many games which were playable and there were some tech stuff on display too. We took a look at all the games, and all the tech, which was up for display. Among them perhaps the most heart-warming was the presence of Indian Game Studios. Working on new games, hardware and in some cases even VR, we decided to highlight some of those studios who made an impression on us during IGX.


Vanishing Point Studios- Third Eye

This studio is a new Indian studio and is releasing its first game, supposedly next year. We had first hand experience of their game Third Eye, which is a third person hack n slash, and truth be told, the game overall was appealing-the graphics. The gameplay does need a bit of polishing and variation, but there is still time to fine tune that aspect. According to the developers the game is based on Indian mythology (no points for guessing which one ), will feature two  protagonists and may also feature a co-op gameplay. They are claiming that it will take a total of 7-9 hours to complete the game’s 9 levels which sounds awesome.


Apar Games- Scribbled Arena

Another Indian game studio, it has gone towards the ‘Gaming for fun’ formula. All you have to do is destroy opponent tanks and some minor power ups will be available to your aid. ‘The game has no technicality or complex gameplay mechanics. All you have to do is bring the opponent tank down.

We enjoyed Mario, didn’t we? Though it was no GTA or Far Cry. Why?’

These were the words of one of the members of the team displaying the game, emphasizing the simplicity of their latest game. The game has 9 maps right now but more will be added later on. Cross platform multiplayer will not be available, which is something gamers round definitely like.

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Cezor Tech

This is one of the most unique thoughts we have heard. Czor tech is a custom system builder based out of Mumbai. Apart from being excellent people; the other thing that fancied us was that they were not going for the Value of CPU=Value of GPU, philosophy which many companies like Alienware follow. They were running Metal Gear Solid V on a GTX 980ti with an i5 processor, which as expected, was running pretty slick. We have a feeling that we should be hearing from them pretty soon. They are presently established in Mumbai but are thinking of expanding, which according to us will be good for PC gamers.


Absentia Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is new in India and looks like Absentia is bringing it with style. Absentia, a trio of BITS Pilani passouts were at IGX showing off their very own VR headset. The first experience of VR may be a bit out of hand and not so comfortable but after experiencing it we can safely say that, nothing beats VR, unless you are actually on a battlefield. Thet were showing the games Medal of Honor and Call of Duty Ghosts. It seems that they are going to introduce a recoil system with their update 2 which would be interesting to experience.



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