Human Head Studios’ Rune Early Access Launch Delayed Until This Winter


We reported last month that Human Head Studios’ follow-up to the 2000 classic of the same name, Rune will be making its way to Steam Early Access this September 19. The studio has now announced that there has been a slight change of plans. Based on community feedback, Rune‘s Steam Early Access launch has been delayed until later this winter 2018.

The studio had the following to say:

“Although we were close to the anticipated launch, there was feedback from the community that we felt needed to be incorporated prior to release. We’re excited to continue to improve the game with the extra development time and still want continual input from the community through our beta tests. The most important goal is to deliver a game that is bug-free, balanced, deep and, most importantly, a massive amount of fun. Here’s what the extra time allows us to do:

– Greater god interaction: more player abilities, additional quests, narrative, and blessings and curses
– Additional combat polish to player attacks and enemy abilities
– Adding the female player character
– Additional rebuildables (more buildings, structures, and shrines)
– Rework the crafting system to have more diverse crafting recipes
– More places to explore and more secrets to discover
– Additional fierce enemies: Dragons, Sea Serpents, additional Giants, and some surprises”

Community members who have pre-ordered the game before September 12 at 11:59 PM CDT will be guaranteed entry into all upcoming beta tests.

If you ask us, this delay is a good thing. Judging by the developer streams, there is a lot of room for improvement. Let’s hope that when Rune finally releases into Early Access, it will deliver an experience worthy of the Rune name.


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