Hearthstone : Knights of The Frozen Throne might be the next expansion


With less than 24 hours to go for the official announcement for the next expansion that will be coming in August, the Chinese decide to spoil the game again (last expansion they had leaked the “Gentle Megasaur” card before the official reveal) by uploading a theme art online. The art supposedly indicates the next expansion to hit Hearthstone.

The new expansion theme. Icecrown Citadel?

The artwork looks quite authentic and there can be little doubt of its validity.

There was already rumors rife around the world among Hearthstone players than Icecrown Citadel was to be the next expansion, and this reveal will officially make players more excited, considering that most people guessed correctly about the new expansion.

Hearthstone’s undead theme returns, possibly with the Lich King, and his Death Knight Arthas Menethil. While Hearthstone players who have been playing for the longer period know that the undead theme is not exactly new, the “Curse of Naxxramas” wasn’t nearly as exciting as Icecrown Citadel itself, because Kel’Thuzad was a mind slave of the Lich King, whereas Arthas always had an independent Knight of his own.

This set will also feature an adventure mode, as part of Blizzard’s idea to continue the adventures which featured an interactive storyline along side rewards in the form of cards. However instead of cards, each part of the adventure completed rewards card packs, meaning that the adventures might be significantly more difficult.

Are you guys excited for the new expansion? I certainly am.