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GTAV gets an impressive Space mod Trailer

by on Saturday, 9 September 2017, 5:39 pm

GTA space, was first announced in January, and it’s trailer launched on july (featured below)

and now yesterday, GTA Space has now released in full, and has launched an Official Trailer for it:

Grand Theft Auto Space promises three moons, 11 planets and one story. The following let’s play by YouTube person Acepilot2k7 gives a better sense of how the mod works in practice, which is preceded by a few training missions not featured in the footage.

After taking off, Acepilot2k7 heads for the moon where he’s met with an alien spacecraft and a horde of hostile natives. He then hightails it to his ship and makes off for Earth, which you can see for yourself in the down video below:

The above isn’t quite as impressive as the trailers suggest, however the mod it’s not intended to be mission-based, but “more of a platform or sandbox for experienced developers to integrate scripts/maps/and other things into the DLC in order to create content and expand the community experience.”

however GTA Space will not support VisualV, NaturalVision or NaturalVision Remastered, however the Mod creators have plans to support them in future.

More information, including installation instructions, can be found via the Grand Theft Auto Space GTA 5 Mods page.


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