GTA V’s Recent Steam Reviews Drop To Overwhelmingly Negative After The OpenIV Issue


A few hours ago, GTA V’s Steam recent reviews had gone down to Mostly Negative due to the cease and desist of the OpenIV modding tool’s website. Within the few following hours, the rating has gone down to Overwhelmingly Negative.

Seeing the public backlash, I hope that Take Two resolves this issue as quickly as possible, because as I had said in the previous post, modding is a considerably big part of GTA and handicapping it will surely result in the degradation of Rockstar’s/Take Two’s reputation.

I mean, it’s not like it hasn’t already been tainted already, but the more this issue takes time to resolve, the more backlash these companies will face. If this continues on for one more day, GTA V’s overall Approval Rating will go down to “Mixed”. Not that it will affect GTA V much in terms of sales, but it might affect prospective buyers of the next PC game that Rockstar makes.

It is really surprising though, why close a modding tool so suddenly? I mean it has been around for quite some time, and the dates of them removing it is right next to E3 as well as their latest Gunrunner update. Unfortunately I am not a GTA Online player, so I am not sure about how it impacts the Online portion like how Rockstar described, but I do hope that this issue gets resolved soon.

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