It may come as a surprise to many that the Kazakhstani team, Gambit Gaming, which had been effortlessly trying to get into the ECS Season 5 will be joining the DreamHacks Master Marseille event which will unfold from the 18th of this April.

DreamHacks has recently announced that Gambit E-sports, former champions of ROG Masters 2017 and, what might appear as a rather interesting development, Swedish team NiP, champions of recent Intel Extreme Masters XII – Oakland placed 1st have been cordially invited to join in to compete against the top 16 teams including Faze, Astralis, G2 and mousesports.

Fortunately for NiP, freshly recruited Dennis “dennis” Edman will be stepping onto the stage of DreamHacks on behalf of NiP for the first time.

List of teams participating in DreamHacks Marseille:

  1. Astralis
  2. mousesports
  3. Faze
  4. Na’vi
  5. Gambit
  6. NiP
  7. SK
  8. G2
  9. Cloud9
  10. Liquid

As time proceeds to the opening of the event, all that remains is to witness whether Gambit and NiP could make a worthy comeback and reclaim their former glory.


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