Frostpunk Getting Free Expansion “The Fall of Winterhome” On September 19th


Developer 11 Bit Studios announced today that the survival RTS Frospunk would be getting a free expansion titled “the Fall of Winterhome” on September 19. The story-driven expansion is said to add hours of brand-new content and offers a fresh take on Frostpunk’s morally ambiguous mechanics.

In the words of the developers, “players will get a chance to lord over a new map with refreshed visuals and discover lore about the frozen world they have dominion over. Uncover secrets from the past – What is the sordid tale of the fallen town of Winterhome, which players have been uncovering in the main campaign of the game?”

The Fall of Winterhome will update automatically in existing copies of the game on September 19th.


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