Fractured Lands, the new Battle Royale in the wastelands, full with vehicles and modifications, in an arena where the closing circle indicates the progress of the dust storm. In other words, Mad Max in a multiplayer world, where the best rider will be the one with the best modifications and the best survival instincts.

In a post-apocalyptic world gone mad, achieve greatness by ruling the road. Out-drive and out-gun the competition in an intense, ride or die online battle where every combatant begins behind the wheel of a customizable vehicle. Once the pedal hits the metal, race to scour the badlands in search of weapons, fuel and gear. Danger hunts you down from any angle, and it’s as much your wits as it is your firepower that will get you through this hell. Fractured Lands will be available worldwide for PC in Steam Early Access starting July 31, 2018 for a promotional price of $19.99 that includes first Season content at no additional cost when it releases in the coming months.


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