Eyedentity Games, an online PC game developer and publisher of Dragon nest NA (North America and Oceania) brought us a news to release a new end content to be conquered again. Main protagonist of this patch is the raid called, “Granom Nest”.

4 member party with 3 tries on weekly reset, adventurers have been invited to visit 3 named monster stages and 1 Boss stage at the end where Experiment Addict Granom Dragon shows up. Recently, Eyedentity Games unofficially hold a GM PVP event giving out “Dragon Nest Artbook” to winners’ door steps which boiled way up PVPers in community and now, they turn their heads to PVE competition not to take any chances in order to make all royal fan base satisfied.

“Our team always keeps in mind what our users wanted from us when we took over the service from Nexon America. Which were Gold Injection, Class balancing, More to buy and more events. Providing a perfect gaming experience is something like utopia especially for F2P gaming world. Yet, we won’t stop trying to arrive in that utopia.” Said, business director Victor Kwon from Eyedentity Games.


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