If you’re excited for the upcoming iteration of the fighting game with the newest characters, but somehow happen to live in India, then you might be disappointed, because the game is no longer available for purchase in the Indian region.

Steam shows an error on the checkout screen when an Indian user tries to buy Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This was brought to light by Reddit user ultimatemanan97, when he added 3499 INR worth of Steam wallet funds in order to purchase it, but couldn’t. On the checkout screen,he was greeted with the following error :

Which means that a restriction on the sale of the game was placed in India by Bandai Namco. This isn’t itself unique, the previous Xenoverse games also are restricted in the country. It was due to a controversy about a character in the Dragon Ball universe, who looked similar to Lord Ganesha,a god in the Indian pantheon (who is also depicted as a god in the Dragon Ball universe). Maybe this is only a repercussion of the same issue?

The character and its resemblance to Lord Ganesha sparked controversy.

The game was available on the store, but it has been removed from the Steam store since yesterday (unless you use a VPN, which isn’t legal) . However, PS4 and Xbox One users can still purchase the game from their online stores respectively.

We’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for comment,and will update our post when they reply.


  1. Well don’t believe anything ababo this game restrictions based on Ganesha or any god. The earlier game xenoverse 11and xenoverse 2 both were not released in India and this was a long time back. Bandai Namco do not release games in India as per their policy .But you can buy it from other country playstore and still play it


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