The NOW TV Esports Industry Awards results are in, and the Esports Game of the Year is Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

This does come as a surprise to many people, considering that the game’s esports scene is still more relevant than other rising esports, as compared to the casual scene where a hacker menace still is eating away at the player base (which may be solved partially due to some steps taken by Valve,including the introduction of a “trust factor”). The primary reason is Counter Strike esports never lost its significance, but other rising esports like Overwatch and Rocket League, and recently PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, fail to make a decent esports scene equally good as the one existing for Counter Strike.

Here’s to hoping for an increase in the viewership of Counter Strike tournaments,irrespective of the fact whether they are majors or minors,and a toast to Valve for maintaining its relevance of the scene!


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