In the great Uprising, when people were in jeopardy, and were at the mercy of the hands of the robots and the AI controlling them who decided to fight against their human creators, Overwatch played a decent role in bringing them down. There was a full roster of heroes back in the day, who shut down Omnics during the Uprising. And one of them is being teased by Blizzard as the next hero to enter the massive roster of heroes for Overwatch.

In a cryptic Twitter post, Blizzard mystified all Overwatch players as they touch on the events that happened during the Omnic Uprising.

If you notice the names carefully, the Private First Class Emre Sarioglu isn’t already a part of the roster, and he appears to be the only one not being present in the game. (Ana, Torbjorn and Reinhardt are already in the game).

Is Emre the new character to enter Overwatch’s ever-expanding pool of characters? Or is it someone else?


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