Blizzard Announces Their List of Streamers For Gamescom


Blizzard Entertainment will be in Cologne from August 22 to 26, showcasting their latest games, doing what they do best – show footage of a trailer of a game, and then releasing it 2-3 years later, and delivering a quality set piece when they actually release the game. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who can make the trip to Cologne, you can view the shows comfortably on a screen, as live streamers will be casting the events for everyone to see!

The streamers include :

StarCraft II : 1) Lowko :

2) Wintergaming :

Hearthstone : 1) Trump:

2) Hafu : 

3) Thijs : 

4) C4mlann : 

Heroes Of the Storm : 1) Chu8 : 

2) MFPallytime : 

3) Kendricswissh : 

World Of Warcraft : 1) FatbossTV : 

2) Ungespielt : 

3) Mamytwink and Zecharia : 

4) Chronosh : 

Overwatch : 1) Stylosa : 

2) Laserfruit : 

3) Valkia : 

4) Queene : 

5) Seagull : 

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