The PUBG Global Invitational, the first large PUBG tournament consisting of the best PUBG players from around the globe, will be staged at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin.

In the Asian qualifiers,  AHQ, MiTH and Refund Gaming have proven themselves to be the best, earning themselves a spot in the Mercedes Benz Arena. They will be fighting for a share of the 2 million dollars prize pool of the PUBG.

AHQ scored a dramatic win in the METALHOGS PUBG LEAGUE by utilizing their fantastic teamwork, while MiTH showed the SEA scene that they were a team to believe in. Meanwhile, REFUND GAMING is out to prove that streamers can sling bullets and rack up kills on par with anyone on a competitive level, and so far already have!

These players have already bested hundreds of competitors to earn their place in PGI history, and will be trying to get the ultimate Chicken Dinner in the days to come.


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