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How many times, as an Indian gamer; you have had to go through multiple articles on multiple sites just to find out when a game is releasing in India, and how much will it be priced in Indian money.

Well the IndianNoob does that work for you. We bring you the latest gaming news, trailers, system requirements, previews, reviews and release dates; all tailored for the Indian gamer. We keep in touch with Indian publishers and distributors to bring you the official Indian launch dates and prices. We do all that, so that you don’t have to. Why, because we love gaming.

AND Remember all prices in INR

To know more about our team keep reading below.

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IndianNoob and its Staff

IndianNoob and its Staff
March 1

Ayush creates Indiannoob

From the comfort of his couch in Bangalore, Ayush finally got tired of rounding up Gaming news for an Indian gamer and registered IndianNoob. He hasn't looked back since.

Ayush is a web designer by profession. He started off Indiannoob as a personal blog to write about his favorite games. But with time he has enjoyed the promotion to the post of editor. He revels in his role of reviewing and editing the latest gaming news written by his under-payed and over-worked part-time students. He brings the perspective of the gamer with disposable income and swears by God Of War and The Witcher 3 as his favorite games.

June 25

Pratyush Joins Indiannoob

Pratyush joined Indiannoob when it was a less known cozy back-alley in the Indian Gaming world. He has helped make Indiannoob a recognized brand in the Indian Gaming Community.

After playing the Witcher 3, Pratyush has been on a sharp lookout for good RPGs. But Plays anything that comes his way. Loves soccer and challenges everyone to a game in FIFA. Involved in a constant war against time. He is the brains behind most opinions and Memes that IndianNoob produces.

December 20

Saurabh Joins Indiannoob

Saurabh had been writing gaming news before he joined Indiannoob. His consistency in updating the news section is stuff legends are made of in the halls of Indiannoob.

A Geek, A Gamer, A huge WWE fan, and a comedian according to friends. Saurabh is all that and more, with the in-house news feed at IndianNoob. He is always on top of what is going on, and always knows when a game is releasing.

August 9

Siddharth joins Indiannoob

Every site needs a Nintendo guy, Sid is exactly that. He has tried to write articles which are not about Nintendo, but the rest of the guys don't let him.

As a Nintendo fan, Siddharth appreciates creativity in games, and games that offer a unique experience. And as a PlayStation fan, he has taken a keen taste for high-end games that truly the hardware's limitations. Therefore he is a specialist on console exclusives. Also a huge Legend of Zelda fanboy, he loves anything to do with the green-clad Hero of time.

November 11

Karan joins IndianNoob

Karan is the resident cynic and the Pepper Ridge Farm representative in the IndianNoob gravy. Swearing by the genius and the creativity of the 90s, Karan has pretty high standards when it comes to video games. Highly opinionated, Karan is the mind behind all those deep nostalgia pieces which force you to stare into the abyss.
December 1

Arkadyuti joins IndianNoob

No Indian conglomerate is complete without a Bong...dude. Arkadyuti represents the great state of Bengal and brings the perspective of a competitive gamer to the table. Heartstone, CS GO, LOL, DOTA 2. Arkad is always in the know.