A Humble Bundle for mobile game lovers!


Love mobile games, but can’t go forward without putting in much effort for grinding? Decided to put some cash out to ease the process of grinding, but in-game prices too expensive? Your way is Amazon coins. All apps on the Amazon Underground have micro-transactions, and the payment method is Amazon coins, a virtual currency on the Amazon appstore, where the discount percentages are quite generous. Still find yourself at a loss, and what to try it out the micro transactions for cheap? Now you can test it  out, at a dirt cheap price.

The Humble E3 2017 “Digital Ticket” Bundle offers 500 Amazon coins whenever you pay $1 or more for purchasing the ticket, along with several other goodies (mostly DLCs or in-game items and bonuses of popular games). 500 Amazon coins is the equivalent of $5 on the Amazon appstore, and can net you your first transaction on the store. Personally, I got myself 5 packs of Hearthstone from the in-game store. I pulled a neat legendary in the packs (for the uninitiated, a legendary in Hearthstone is one of the rarest cards of the game, and can be found only after opening several packs, and is marked by a jagged edges on the corners of the card art, and an orange gem at the center of the card)

Those interested head here to purchase your copy of the virtual E3 2017 ticket, and enjoy your favorite mobile games in the process!


Note : 1) Ensure that the game you are trying to do the microtransaction with Amazon coins on is installed via the Amazon Underground app and not Google Play.
2) If you don’t live in the US,UK or Germany, you might use a VPN, but note that might be in violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service.